Welcome to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority's Manual Authoring and Assessment Tool. This tutorial will take you through the key functions of the tool from your perspective.


On this screen you can manage your users.

To search for a user, type their username in the text field. You can also select their role from the drop-down menu. To include suspended users in your search, simply tick the checkbox.

Once you've found the user you were looking for, you can view and possibly edit their details by clicking the edit link.

To create a new user, click the Create user, button.

Create a user

On this screen you can create a new user by entering some basic information into each of the mandatory fields. Mandatory fields have an asterix symbol next them.

A couple of important points to note:

  • The password you choose must contain at least six letters including one capital letter, and one number. Please do not use symbols in the password.
  • Be particularly careful when choosing the username, because you won't be able to change it once it's saved.


Click on the Manuals tab on the top left of your screen. All manuals belonging to your organisation are listed here. From this screen you can choose to view a manual's administrative details, or you can view the manual's contents.

Without leaving this screen, you can see at a glance:

  • The name of the manual.
  • The status of the manual progressing from draft to accepted.
  • Whether CASA has changed the manual's template - if so, migration into the revised template is required. This is a simple process.
  • And finally, you can see when the manual was last changed, and by whom.


Manuals that were created with CASA's AOC Online product can be imported into this systemthe import is successful, the system will automatically create a manual for you based on the imported file.

New manual

You can create a new manual by answering a series of simple questions to identify the appropriate template to base your manual on. Each organisation may only have one manual for a given template.

Click on the new manual, button to choose a new manual template in readiness for authoring a new manual.


Clicking on the detail link of a particular template will take you to the manual's administrative details screen.

Manual - detail and export

From this screen you can find out information such as when the manual was created, when it was last changed, and who made the most recent changes. You can also find out whether the manual has been exported or, if you like, you can export the manual yourself.

Export as XML

To export the manual as an XML or HTML file, click the Export XML button or Export HTML button. When the exported manual is ready for downloading, you'll receive an email. The email will redirect you to the manual details page, where you can now click on the file name link to download the exported XML or HTML file.

Export as PDF

When you want a printable version of your manual export it as a PDF. To do so click the Export as PDF button. You'll get an email when the exported manual is ready for downloading as a PDF.

Submit to CASA

If you are a principal author, the Submit manual button submits all sections that have been marked as ready for submit. You are also able to select which sections you want to submit by clicking on the tick boxes. If you are an author, the button resubmits ready sections. You'll be prompted to confirm that you are ready to submit the manual.


The delete option is only available to Principal Authors, and only on a draft revision of a manual. If you delete a draft revision and the manual only contains that one revision, the entire manual will be deleted.

Create draft

When your manual needs to be updated create a draft of it. The create draft option creates a new version of a previously published manual. You can then make the changes and submit it to CASA. Only Principal Authors can create drafts from published manuals.

Manual view

From this screen you can edit the manual until it's ready for submission to CASA, and similarly, address comments raised by inspectors by clicking on the comments tab.

Manual - filter

You can use the filter menu to organise sections by status and author.

The first set of options allows you to filter sections by author so you can see which sections are assigned to you, which are not assigned, and which are assigned to anyone.

Next to these options in the filter menu you'll see coloured icons. A section assigned to you is marked by a solid blue circle, while an unassigned section is marked by a circle with a blue border. If you're viewing a section assigned to you, you'll see the solid blue circle in the contents panel and in the Assigned to field on the top right-hand side of the page.

The second set of options allows you to filter sections by their stage of development - they may be:

  • Accepted by CASA
  • Rejected by CASA
  • Submitted to CASA
  • Ready to submit
  • Editing
  • At any stage

In the contents panel, you can see what stage the sections are at by looking at the coloured icons next to the section titles. As an example, the icon for a section that CASA has accepted is a green tick, while the icon for a rejected section is a red cross.

Manual - tasks

The drop-down Tasks menu lists several editing options. By choosing the relevant option you can perform the following tasks on the manual:

  • Add a new section. You can add optional sections that CASA has designed, and can add additional sections where CASA allows it.
  • Assign a section to an author or principal author from your organisation.
  • Delete a section. You can only delete sections that CASA has not marked as mandatory.
  • View the manual's details such as when and by whom it was last changed.
  • Edit the placeholder fields for your Company name.
  • Print, copy, and then paste or append a section. Paste works by overriding a section with a copied section. So it is often useful to add a new section before pasting.

Manual - edit

To begin editing a section of the manual, find that section in the contents panel and select it. Once you've made your selection start text editing in the contents panel.

Once you're in editing mode, there are several things you can do to enhance the manual. We'll explain these below, but bear in mind that only some of these options may be available to you.

Edit - guidance text

Guidance text is written advice from CASA intended to help you prepare the manual. You are able to see both guidance text for yourself, and also for the CASA Inspector assessing that section of the Manual.

Edit - sample text

Sample text is fully editable text that you can add to the manual using the Copy sample text to document, button. CASA may provide sample text to illustrate the type of content they're looking for. You may have more than one sample text entry to choose from. If so, there will be a drop-down box to select the relevant entry from.

Edit - references

References are links to material that CASA may provide if they think it will aid you in preparation of the manual. For example websites and relevant documents.

Edit - attachments

Attachments should contain additional information - complex items like maps and diagrams - to help the CASA inspector assess the section. Not all manuals allow attachments.

Edit - comments

Once an inspector has reviewed your manual comments will be made if there are any points that needs addressing. The comment box shows an inspector's name, comments, and when it was made. You are also able to comment back to the Inspector using the comments tab.

Edit - notes

If are working on a manual with other authors, notes provides a way of exchanging information in context. Notes are for your internal use only. Your notes are never displayed to CASA. However, other users within your organisation who can access the manual are also able to access and edit its notes. You can edit notes on a manual even after the manual has been submitted to CASA for acceptance.

Section ready tick box

When you're in editing mode and you have no further edits to make to the manual section, clicking the Section ready tick box marks the section as ready to submit to CASA. You will notice that the icon next to the heading for that section will change to brown.

Submit manual button

This is a very important button - it will send the manual to CASA for review by inspectors. CASA will only review those sections that have been previously marked as ready for submission. It is only available to principal authors. If you are an author, the button submits sections that you have previously submitted and that are marked as ready for submit.